Welcome to Command Center

Command Center is a free online Warhammer 40K army builder. You can join for free, check it out, and start building your 40K rosters right away.

You will be able to share your rosters with the community here, and get feedback on your lists. There is also a feature called Battle Tome where you can keep track of all the 40K games you play.

Command Center is now on Patreon

This is something I’ve thought about for a long time, and it was finally time to pull the trigger. It’s all explained on the Patreon page, but in short, running Command Center costs me money to pay for the server. I would love to keep Command Center free, and the best way I can think to do that is by utilizing Patreon. So, if you’re interested in pledging to help keep Command Center free, please check out the Patreon page I’ve setup.

Getting Mobile Friendly

I’ve decided that I will attempt to make the roster building more mobile friendly, even though nobody responded to the earlier article 🙁 This process will not be fast, so I won’t attempt to give any sort of timeline. The goal is simple though, to allow you all to build rosters while using smaller mobile devices, like phones. Right now it’s pretty much impossible to do with a phone. Something that may likely have to happen, however, is to alter how the roster building works Continue reading →

Creative Twilight is Looking for Authors

I run a blog, Creative Twilight. It’s a Warhammer 40K focused blog, mostly covering the hobby, as well as a lot of battle reports. I am always looking for new authors to join the blog, and I wanted to reach out here to anyone who may be interested. Though the blog has a strong 40K focus, I would love to branch it out into other games, whether that’s Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, X-Wing, it doesn’t matter. I would also gladly take on authors who want to blog Continue reading →

Mobile Friendly – Feedback Needed

I have thought a lot about Command Center and its lack of mobile friendliness for years now. The site itself works well enough on a mobile device, but trying to work with rosters is a whole other matter. Though I’ve often considered working on that, I would always come back to the same question, how many people do, or would, work on rosters if it was mobile friendly? I can only speak for myself. I only access a roster from my phone to view it Continue reading →

Site Update Bug Fixes

On Dec. 10th I updated WordPress to version 4.4. WordPress is the platform this site runs off. Apparently WordPress had some undocumented changes to how it handles database insert and updates, in turn causing a lot of things here to not function correctly. I have since updated the database to work within these new restrictions, and in theory things should be back to normal. However, if you notice any sort of odd behavior with your account, rosters, your games, or anything, then PLEASE let me Continue reading →

Site Layout Issues Fixed

I hope. I just noticed this morning that there were some site layout issues. Some items were not loading properly and in turn causing some very ugly pages. I have adjusted the caching and seemed to have figured out the problem, however if you continue to notice some pages loading oddly then please let me know. It’s a balancing act to get caching (speed improvements), to work without blowing out the design.

Windows 8 + Firefox Zoom Bug

It has been pointed out to me by Moltar and Marcus M that there is a bug on Windows 8 and Firefox where certain zoom levels on the unit wargear field, and if I had to guess – any other autocomplete field, will crash Firefox. I’m looking into the issue but so far no luck finding answers. The laptop I have with Windows 8 is not currently with me so I can do any debugging there for a little while. Hopefully I can figure this Continue reading →