Welcome to Command Center

Command Center is a free online mobile-friendly Warhammer 40K army builder. You can join for free, check it out, and start building your 40K rosters right away.

You will be able to share your rosters with the community here, and get feedback on your lists. There is also a feature called Battle Tome where you can keep track of all the 40K games you play.

Command Center Has Been Updated for Mobile Friendliness

The update that has been months in the making is now live! This latest version of Command Center is mobile friendly. It took a lot of work, but you can now work on your rosters on mobile devices. The big goal of this update was to allow you all to use your phones, tablets, etc., here. So, if you notice any issues please let me know. With this update also comes a change to how you create your rosters. By and large it’s mostly the Continue reading →

Update Goes Live Monday, Sept. 12th

Last month I had optimistically thought I was ready to push out the latest version of Command Center. Well, the reality was that I found a few more bugs that required my attention, and so things got delayed. Those last bugs are out-of-the-way (I hope), and so on Monday, Sept. 12, I will put live the latest version of Command Center. For those not following, it has some feature changes, most noticeably is that it’s mobile friendly. Monday morning around 8am EST, I will put Continue reading →

Mobile Friendly Command Center Going Live Next Week

Command Center has been in beta for the mobile friendly update for almost 1.5 months. Sadly, there has been no response regarding it. So, I’m just going to push it out there, and put it live, some time next week. I don’t have a specific day in mind yet. I still have to create some new tutorials, and comb through some final details. I will do a new post covering all the new stuff when I launch. However, in the meantime you can find a Continue reading →

Are You Ready for Mobile Beta Testing?

After a few weeks of closed testing, I’m ready to put it out there to everyone to try, the mobile friendly version of Command Center. To get access is easy. Just go here: http://cmdctr.net/roster-beta/ I will be working on redoing the tutorials on the site to cover the new version. Meanwhile, here’s a few notes you should be aware of. Notes & Updates Make sure you clear your browser cache. I have updated a lot of supporting files that comprise the mobile version, and you Continue reading →

Beta Testing has Begun

On Tuesday I opened up the beta testing for the mobile friendly version of Command Center to the patrons. If you’re a patron, be sure you check your email for the information I sent out, or check Patreon for my post there on beta testing. I predict that in the next week or two I will have the updates for Command Center more fine-tuned, and ready for the rest of you to jump in and help beta test. I’m really happy with the progress I’ve Continue reading →

In the Home Stretch!

I’m very happy to say that the mobile friendly version of Command Center is nearly ready! All of the programming is done except for the Print View and PDF features. The design portion of things is just as close as well. I’ll likely spend more time fine-tuning things there though. However, the mobile friendly element – the point of this, is in place. It isn’t looking half bad either 😉 I could have the beta ready this week, however I’m going to sit on it Continue reading →

Update Progress and a Note

I’m very happy to say that things are progressing well with the update for Command Center. I had a few early hurdles, but I got those tackled. It’s relatively smooth sailing from here…I hope. There is still a lot of work to do. Most of what remains is just time-consuming stuff, nothing overly complicated. Once I get the core code nailed down, I will be moving on to the design elements. I’m aiming to have the updated roster be completely usable by any device. I Continue reading →

Quick Mobile Update & Seeking Suggestions/Ideas

Progress continues on the redesign to make Command Center mobile friendly. Two steps forward, one step back, so typical programming. In this process I will be changing stuff around; which I guess is pretty obvious, but I mean more than just aesthetics. Nothing is set in stone yet, but here’s what I’ve been thinking, and I’d love feedback before I commit these changes. 1) Units will be grouped together. Currently, when you add a unit you get a line-item. If you’re creating a squad: Marines, Continue reading →

Mobile Friendly Command Center Update

I’ve finally begun work on making Command Center mobile friendly. The framework is going into place, and a prototype is underway. I would show you the prototype now, but it’s very crude at this point. I’m still hammering through a few concepts as well, and haven’t fully decided which route I want to go. The trick is to make something that looks good on both mobile devices and desktops. I don’t have the time to create a mobile specific version, wish I did, so we’ll Continue reading →

Things Broke – Me Fix

Within the past few days, one of the various site updates caused a JavaScript issue. The result was that various dynamic elements wouldn’t load, like your account on the home page, and likely any of the auto-completers. I’ve gone ahead and fixed this issue, and I dumped the site’s cache. Things should be back to normal. If you’re still having problems then it may be your browser’s own cache, so try clearing that, and then give it another shot. If problems persist then please let Continue reading →