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  • Samotet

    I guess I wasn’t using it quite the right way, but I’m new to 40k, so I typed out the rules so I’d have a crib sheet. Thing is, on the pdf it made it shrink so it could fit it all on one page. It’s so small it can’t be read.

    • Hmm. I had not taken into account lists that would be so large they’d shrink in the PDF. I do have it set explicitly for one page so I can see that happening. Let me see what I can do to build in an option for multiple pages.

    • I may have found a solution but what I’ll need to do is assign the roster sheet you’re working on to me so I can do some testing. Once I’m done testing I’ll assign it back to you. I won’t alter your information at all.

    • OK, it should be better now. Also, you can adjust the font size so it’s larger when it saves the PDF. It’s in the top navigation bar, Print & Share Options.

      • Scott Comer

        It’s awesome now, and responce time was amazing. If there was another problem it would be that it drops the formatting when you save it. Example, if I drop a line to comtine between weapons and wargear or notes it ignores that and pushes it all together. I’m not complaining, I just wanted to give the feedback. This made my first time playing 40k alot easier. I referred several people to your site.

        • Scott Comer

          I fixed my problem by adding html line breaks. Works great.

          • I’ll adjust my code anyway so it respects normal line breaks. Glad you’re enjoying it and I appreciate the referrals!

          • OK, it will now pick up on standard line breaks. It should still recognize an HTML break but you may find there are additional breaks now because of my adjustment. Hopefully it doesn’t screw you up too much but it was something I should have done a while ago as most don’t know how to add an HTML break.

  • Clthomps

    You really need to add an option to add a character upgrade to a unit so it shows multiple statlines / gear without creating another troop slot. 

    • How would you see that though? For example, when I add a Sarge/Nob/whatever, to a squad I click to add another troop, as you’re saying. I then get a new line to enter in the appropriate stats and wargear. How would adding an upgraded character to the unit be different than doing that process? Are you looking for some sort of visual ques that the upgraded dude is part of the unit?

      Just looking to understand so I can see what I can do to make it happen.

  • talos

    Hello, I just made my 1st roster and I like it very much. Good job! One major thing missing is dedicated transports. Just a new category for it should do the trick.

    • Glad you like it!

      I could add a dedicated transport section, it’s not a bad idea. I think most people, well I know I do at least, just add another unit and enter in the dedicated transport and place it below the unit. I’m not opposed to giving it as a section though for those who wish to use it.

      • talos

        That is what I am going to do too. It’s a practical solution. But I think a dedicated transport category, in my opinion, will make the list look more “official”. And will minimize misunderstandings regarding new transports that people aren’t familiar with, such as the ghost ark.

        • Based on your suggestion, and someone from my FLGS, I did add in the dedicated transport section. The release notes are out tomorrow but the section is in there now.

  • I stumbled across this site accidentally and I’m really impressed so far with the amount of detail that I can store for an army. There isn’t much about the site that I would say needs to be changed right away. Keep up the good work!

  • Jkarain

    Ok, I found the site looking for an Army List creator as being new to Warhammer 40k.  However, I cant find the download link anywhere on this site (40mins looking).  Its not obvious where you download it – perhaps add a link on the Main Menu or clear big button with Download on it.

    Being a web dev myself of many years the site needs to be easier to traverse, as from the comments the app is obviously very good but without an ability to easily download it, then your missing a lot of folks.

    • I suppose I should make it clear on the site, as you’re not the only one to mention this. Command Center is not a download, it’s an online application. Once you create an account you create your rosters, all online.

      Better navigation I completely agree with. It’s one of those things where this keeps growing and I keep adding to it and I really do need to reorganize things.

  • Feldmaus

    Erm, where do I find the download link?

    • As I was saying to Jkarain, there is no download. It’s not an application you download and install. It’s a web-based program that’s all handled through this site. Once you setup an account you’ll be able to create rosters.

  • therhino

    Tony, is there any code available that would allow you to add an “alphabetize” option to the Weapons and Wargear list sections? Right now it only lists them as I add then, which is a paint for opponents to search through for the stats and info.

    • There isn’t an option to alphabetize the list at the moment but you have a few options. One, if you didn’t know, you can drag around the weapons (same with units), and re-order them. The other option is if you remove all the weapons & wargear from those lists you can then hit the P button (populate), and it will add in those items in an alphabetical order, which is what I end up doing.

      • therhino

        Ahh, ok. I knew I could shuffle them manually, but didn’t know the Populate option added in alpha order. I think it’s because when I use the autocomplete selections, it automatically adds the item to the appropriate list, which borks the alphabetizing of the later Populate option.
        I’m in the process of making a preset sheet for the entire Space Marine Codex, so it won’t be a problem eventually.
        Can you remove the autocomplete options from your user profile? Say I fiish my preset sheet, and it has a statline and default wargear for a Captain. Can I remove all other saved instances of “Captain” from my profile and retain only the preset, so I’m not wading through 15 incarnations of past-used Captains?

        • Definitely an option I can add on when I have a chance.

          • therhino

            Would simply deleting the old army lists remove the autocomplete options?

            • You could but even easier would be this. Rosters now show a drop down for the army. If you select Marines for your preset sheet and then Marines in the list you’re working on then it will only offer suggestions from the preset sheet. Choosing the army will only offer suggestions from other rosters of the same army. This is assuming you’ve not updated your old rosters to also be set as Marines.

              • therhino

                Ah, ok.

  • Strategist

    I’m not sure what exactly I did, but whever I go to save a Roster the center has been erasing all of the information that I entered. Any ideas as to how to fix this?  

    •  What’s the name of the roster? I’ll look in the database to see what’s going on.

      • Strategist

        “1050 Attacker” is the only rouster I have currently saved from I.E (though the title is cleared after saving). When the oddity started happening I thought that some of my older rousters may have been corrupting something so I deleted them. =(

        Anyway, thank you kindly for the help!

        • Curious, were you fine using IE9 previously or did you just upgrade to it? If you were fine before do you know when you noticed the issue (I assume you noticed it today)?

          Just trying to troubleshoot a bit.

          • Strategist

            It was working as normal with IE9 until recently. I’m not sure of the exact date (I think sometime late last week give or take is when I noticed first), but I remember it started after the “Army:” option was added to the roster heading as that was one of the things I thought my old rosters may have been causing issues with.

            • I appreciate the help tracking down the bug. Looks like I fixed the issue. Try it out again in IE9, with a test roster if you want to play it safe, and let me know.

              You wouldn’t believe what stupid thing was tripping up IE9, and I mean stupid.

              • Strategist

                Everything seems to be working again, thanks!

    • Odd. Checked in the database and nothing seems odd. What browser and version of said browser are you using?

      • Strategist

        The problem seems to be tied to my Internet Explorer (it’s currently at version 9.0.8112.16421), I just downloaded Chrome this morning and it seems to work normally on it.

        •  I’ll poke around tomorrow with IE9 and see what I can figure out. Thanks for letting me know.

  • FYI, looks like Thursday I’ll release v2.0.0 of Command Center which also means a new site. The site will be down for a few hours while I migrate over data that day.

    • For some reason I don’t see the add comment box here. I can only reply.
      Anyway, I had the following error when trying to save a roster that I had edited:
      Fatal error: Cannot redeclare unit_line() (previously declared in /home/destroye/public_html/cc/wp-content/plugins/cmdctr/roster/functions.php:3) in /home/destroye/public_html/cc/wp-content/plugins/cmdctr/roster/functions.php on line 19

      • That error is ‘fixed’ for the moment. Something else is going on I need to figure out though.

        The message box is at the top of the comments.

        • I realize it should be, and it is at the moment, but sometimes it will not load. I’ve tried waiting to ensure the page has had time to load, and I’ve tried refreshing the page, but sometimes it refuses to show up. I had the same problem recently on the blog, I was unable to comment on your demon prince without doing so in reply to someone else. I don’t know if it’s a problem with Disqus or how it’s running on your server, but we’ve got you to figure out stuff like that 😛

          • You use Firefox, right? Either way, likely a bug in this new version of Disqus, which is beyond my scope :p

  • Dave Richman

    Since the update to 2.0, I’ve noticed something of a glitch with both the Print View & PDF export functions. Namely that neither one includes the “Notes” field. I use this box to put a lot of random information that I find useful, and would love for it to print (it previously printed in the old version of CC). Is there an option I’m missing or something, or is the a glitch?

    • I completely overlooked notes. They should be working now!

  • BenitoSenence

    I’m struggling with the print meeting dimensions on paper. Things from the Command Center are not lining up with the Print options.

    • Can you explain a bit more, give a specific example?

  • John

    hello, I think I’ve found a log in bug, it wont let me log in. I’m certain I typed username and password correctly my former username was brgswims

  • Scondoro

    Hey there! A quick comment, question, and suggestion:

    1st, I really appreciate this site, it’s made making up my army lists really easy. Everything always prints out very nicely and they save a lot of time on the battlefield. Many thanks for this!

    2nd, I really like the Battle Tome so far, and look forward to using it more extensively as I play more games over the next week or two. However, I’m afraid that once it’s out of Beta, even if I register to pay for its use, all my previous match histories will be lost. Can it be confirmed that between the switch from Beta to Live that we won’t lose any of our battle reports?

    3rd, If you can manage it, I think it’d be really cool if you could have the option to select an army list from those you have saved to put into each report in the Battle Tome. Essentially, it’d be a drop-down list of all your army lists. You select the one that corresponds with your battle, and then when you go to View Games you could see exactly which army list you used (the name of it). Then, if you want to be even cooler, you could even click the name of that army list and it’d be a link to take you to it.

    • 1) No problem!

      2) Good question and I should have made that clear from the start. Anything you enter now will remain and nothing will be lost when it goes from beta to live. Nothing with Battle Tome will ever be lost, even if you started with it when it went live and later opted out of it to only come back again to it.

      3) Actually, it was something I had intended and completely forgot about; so, thanks for the reminder 🙂

  • TheSpaceMarine245

    Hey everybody! I was wondering if i could get a couple people to look at my Space Marine list. So far the list has worked fine for me but i am looking for opinions on what i should purchase next. Thanks!

    • JustHippie

      What list? Post a link or put comments on your list so folks will see them.

      • TheSpaceMarine245


      • TheSpaceMarine245

        ok the link is
        3rd Battalion

  • Zach


    I love the tool you’ve been so gracious to provide for us. It’s fantastic. I do have one problem. I can’t seem to view more than the very first page of rosters for review. Any ideas as to why? Is it something I’m doing wrong?

    • It’s a bug. Never noticed that before. It should get squared away today. Thanks for pointing that out.

      • Zach

        Awesome! Thanks.

  • JustHippie

    I think I just found a weird bug. I saved a preset with ‘All’ checked but when making a Daemons roster the preset doesn’t show up. I changed the preset to Daemons and got it fine but this unit works for CSM as well(Decimator).

    • You shouldn’t have the option for Ally on a preset sheet. I assume that’s what you meant? Just trying to be clear where you checked what off.

      • JustHippie

        When I created my preset sheet for the Decimator on the top of the sheet in the drop down I left ‘All’. When I was creating a Daemons roster I could not find the Decimator preset. I went back to my preset and pulled down Daemons (saved the change)and then it was visible. Since this unit is available for CSM and Daemons do I have to create 2 separate Presets to use it from one army to the other?

        • Gotcha.

          If you want the Decimator in both armies then you can create a preset sheet for “All” and save it there. Of course that means it will come up for any army. Alternatively you could add it to a Chaos preset sheet and a Daemon preset sheet to keep it restricted to those armies.

          I’ll think about it a bit to see if I can’t devise a more workable solution for what you’re after.

          • JustHippie

            What you said is exactly what I thought the “All” should have done but it doesn’t. I didn’t care if it was visible from all armies but it wasn’t visible at ALL.

            • OK, I know what you mean now. I just fixed it so it behaves as you thought it should have, and indeed how it should have anyway. If you setup something as “All” then it now shows up on every roster sheet regardless of what army you’ve picked or what ally.

  • Secretgeek


    First off, thanks for putting together such a great piece of work and making it available. I’ve just discovered it and it looks really promising.

    My main question is one for anyone really. How do people manage all the options that their ‘dexs give them? Do you price up all your units, options and all and enter that final unit into the Roster?

    The reason I ask is that with my SW I entered a GH unit and then added all the upgrades they could have as a kind of no-cost sub-unit of that unit and grouped the whole lot together under ‘Grey Hunters’ however with DE this isn’t working out so well as they have upgrades on upgrades i.e. upgrade to a Hekatrix and upgrade that with a Blast Pistol etc. I just wondered how people handled that.

    Thanks in advance!

    • I personally enter all my upgrades in the unit itself. So, something like:

      Chaos Marines: Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Plasma Gun x 2

      That gets tossed into that wargear box and the price of the wargear right of that in that cost box. Now, for upgraded dudes in a unit, like a Champion, Sergeant or Hekatrix, I enter them on their own line and then their own wargear there. Probably easier to see what I mean. Check out this list as an example: http://cmdctr.net/lists/disciples-of-twilight-1750-sorcerer-v1/

      You’ll see how I break out my leaders and even units like Terminators that all have distinct wargear and costs. Also, glad you like Command Center 🙂

      • Secretgeek

        Thanks for the tips. I’m thinking to put all potential upgrades as a preset and then when I use it i.e. GH preset, just deleting the upgrades that aren’t used.

        • Utilizing presets is where the power in this is. I have all my core units setup in presets and 99% of the time I run them exactly as I have them defined. Sometimes though it’s just a simple change so I do just what you’re saying, load them up, alter that one small thing and done. If you alter your units a lot game to game then just load up the base value of the unit as a preset, standard issue wargear, load that each time then alter roster-to-roster.

        • Also, some units that I change a lot I just have defined multiple presets for. For example, I have a Chaos Biker squad that I often run in one of two ways so I have a preset for Option 1 and a preset for Option 2. I just name the squad something like Chaos Bikers (Nurgle) and Chaos Bikers (Khorne), so when it jumps up in the autocompleter I can distinguish them.

  • Scondoro

    Really enjoying keeping my Battle Tome updated; I love being able to build off of what I’m learning from game to game to improve my combat effectiveness. I can certainly say it’s helping.
    However, when is it estimated that we’ll be able to start sharing our Tomes with the rest of the site? Is that something that’s still getting worked on in beta?

    • You can share it now actually. Under Print & Share options there’s a checkbox for showing your Battle Tome (think it’s on by default). Make sure that’s checked. If/when it is then people can click your profile and get a link to view your Battle Tome. If you click on Battle Tome up top, view games then you can send that link to anyone and they can see your matches.

  • Jakobus Vestifex

    would it be possible to implement an option on the “view games” tab to hide the comments. it would make it look much clearer, and you could still read the details,if you want to.

    at the moment i tend to write less so that i doesnt look all to cluttered, but i really would like to add more detailed reports,


    • Sure, I could add in something like that. I’ll work that into my next update.

      • Jakobus Vestifex

        Thanks, very much appreciated! I love this site 🙂

  • jimmy

    Definitly needs a database like army builder

    I was hoping for a data sheet software that doesn’t require painstaking inputting of all stats

    • That’s what Army Builder is for. I never intended for Command Center to be an online Army Builder. That being said, with a little work in Command Center you can set it up and be able to crank out lists in minutes but that’s the caveat, it requires some of your time to make that happen.

  • Blarettskyra

    Great website sir. Couldn’t get army builder to work for me. For someone new command center really helped because I could put in the special rules so I had a mini cheat sheet!

    • Thanks!

      It’s nice when someone understands the value of Command Center.

  • DaGruntOrc

    Loving this tool btw. I just have recently ran into a bit of trouble trying to save the roster im making.

    If after Roster is done I press save, save a copy or save PDF button the whole Roster just empties itself, im using firefox, but I did succesfully save, saved a copy and saved PDF before with no problems. And even the Print view isnt showing anything anymore just showing “Roster Total” in a box and the small smiley.

    Trying to save a copy or save pdf on my old archieved rosters, it doesnt empty the roster but it doesnt do anything, just refreshes the view of roster

    Thanks for the tool anyways, I hope this explanation helps to sort this bug? out.

    • You’re not the first with this bug but we never figured it out the last time either. Hmmm.

      Now, your username on the site I assume is DaGruntOrc? I’m going to check a few things and see if I can make sense of this. Also, what version of Firefox are you running exactly? Is it Windows or Mac?

      • Dagruntorc

        Yapp, Dagruntorc is the username I’m using. Running 64bit windows 7 with firefox 26.0 currently (newest version) For the record, same thing happened with newest Internet Explorer too.

        • I’m going to change your password so I can log in as you and check this out. I’ll change it back once I’m done.

          • DaGruntOrc

            Awesome, I’ts working again. Happily making some new army lists again, thanks Thor!

        • It’s fixed. More info in the latest news post.

      • Wbwalker88

        Same issue with safari on Mac.

        • I found the issue and have fixed it. Unfortunately it seems as though your rosters may be toast 🙁

          • Wbwalker88

            If that is the worst thing that happens to me today, then this would still have been a good day. Thank you for fixing the issue!

  • Claudiusratcat

    Hi. Sorry if this has been posted already. I’m running into an issue where, when I try to save a PDF, a new tab opens (as normal), but is blank and I don’t get the usual ‘Open? Save? Save As?’ dialog box. This function worked for me before (I like keeping my rosters on my HDD for quick and easy printing).
    [Wonderful site and list building tool, BTW – I really, really like the clarity of presentation my lists have now]

    • The Save as PDF feature now works. I completely forgot to double check it before as I rarely use it.

      Glad you like the changes!

      • Claudiusratcat

        Cheers. As you say, all fixed. Keep up the good work.

  • Robert Rice

    I am having troubles logging in. not finding the login button anywhere.

    • It should be showing up on the top left of the site in a box labeled Account. Is that showing up for you? If not let me know.

      • Robert Rice

        The Account tab is there, but I can not do anything with it, and there is no login interface.

  • Moktor

    I am noticing that the weapons don’t auto-populate anymore, I even had a master list just for that purpose. War gear still (sort of) does, but weapons don’t, at all (even when I have the proper army selected.)

    • Good catch. I had not noticed that. It was a bug introduced with v3.0.0.

      Anyway, I just fixed that issue. It should work as expected now. If not then let me know.

      • Wade

        I’m still having this problem… Wargear and unit entries autocomplete perfectly, but weapons aren’t showing up. Thanks in advance for the fix. I also wanted to take this moment to say you’re doing an awesome job and I use the crap out of this, keep up the good work!

        • Odd. It’s working for me.

          I assume none of the weapons auto-complete or just certain ones? You’re talking about when you type in the unit’s wargear field and it suggest weapons, right? Or do you mean when you click the populate button above the weapons area?

          When you’re viewing the roster page, hold down shift and press your refresh/reload icon in your browser. That will force it to load the page fresh and not from your cache. If that doesn’t do the trick let me know the answer to those questions above.

          Also, thanks. I think most check this out and move on so it’s nice to see someone sticking around and using it 🙂

          • Wade

            I’ll go down to the weapon section, add a new entry, begin typing Bolter, for example, and nothing will happen. However, if I go to the wargear section and begin typing Storm Shield, the autocomplete drop box pops up, I click it and it fills in normally. I did find that if I type the weapon into the unit’s Weapons/Wargear/Notes section the drop box will pop up and clicking that will populate the weapon section but only for the first weapon I type in that box. Also, is that populate button supposed to autofill every weapon associated with a particular army? If so, it’s never worked for me. I should also note that I haven’t created a preset roster yet.

            • I see what you’re talking about. It should now work correctly on the weapon section.

              Yes, populate should add in all weapons into that section by clicking the button. You don’t need a preset sheet for it to work. However, it looks at your unit’s wargear section and picks them out by comma separation. So, if you have them entered like: Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Plasmagun

              Then it will find those three weapons and add them. If you format that area differently though then it may not work, like if you had a line break between each weapon or something other than a comma. That’s something I’m going to be working on, getting it to better recognize weapons or wargear regardless of how it’s formatted.

              • Wade

                Fixed!! You da man! Much appreciated. Once again, keep up the good work.

                • Gladly. At least it was an easy one for once!

  • Xyrothyl

    I was wondering if it would be feasible to automaticaly add weapons and wargear on preset units to the lists at the bottom of the page.

    • That’s a great idea! I will add that in as an option when I do some updating, hopefully this week.

  • Whitslebink

    I don’t like to leave comments. But this site is awesome, and you’re awesome for making it. Thank you.

    • Thank you. Always nice to see someone enjoying the site.

      • Moltar

        Hey, I love this site and use it all the time. Thanks a lot for your efforts. IDK if you changed something in the past few hours though but suddenly my browser (FireFox developer edition latest build) is crashing every time I start typing anything or highlighting any text in any Weapons/Wargear/Notes section. D:

        • Moltar

          I just figured out how to replicate the bug exactly. 😀
          At regular browser window zoom (100%), and at 110% zoom, everything works fine. The moment the browser is zoomed in 120% or greater, typing into weapons/wargear will crash the browser.
          Will use at 110% zoom in the meantime ^___^

          • No kidding? I can’t imagine why the zoom level would even matter for that. Ah, Firefox, the browser I have a love/hate relationship with.

        • Hmm. No. I haven’t changed anything lately. Been working for me (just tested), with Firefox. Interesting.

          • Marcus M

            This is happening for me on firefox as well. Works fine on my windows 7 machine, but on this windows 8 machine, crashes when I try to type in the box.
            EDIT: Based on the other guy’s feedbaack regarding zoom level, I experimented with mine and it DOES seem to be tied to it, except mine only seems to freeze up at 100% zoom. If I go 10-30% in either direction, it stops crashing.

            • I’m going to hunt around to try and figure it out. Is it also on the unit wargear field as well?

              • Marcus M

                I have never used the wargear field, but will likely start to do so soon. I’ll let you know if I have any issues with it. Just out of curiousity, are you the same Thor from TDC?

  • Marcus M

    Anyone know how I can get the print view to show my Wargear/Weapons in alphabetical order? I’ve sorted them alphabetically and saved them that way, but as soon as I switch to print view, it shows them in the old order again.

    • I’ll take a look in the morning and see why it’s doing that. So, you have them in order and saved yet it doesn’t respect that on print?

      • Marcus M

        Correct. When I load my list, all the wargear items are alphabetized, but when I try to print or save to pdf, it shows them all jumbled up, likely in the order I typed them in to begin with.

      • Marcus M

        Hey, while you’re at it, any possibility you could help me figure out a way to print a list that has decent formatting? When I go to print view, it looks lovely on the page, but I can’t get it to print like that at all. Maybe my list is just too big?

        • Have you tried saving it as a PDF and then printing the PDF? I’ve had better luck that way with certain lists.

          I do have plans to revise the normal printing though. Just haven’t had the time to work through the issues with it yet.

          • Marcus M

            Yeah, I tried lots of different ways to get it to print right because it’s such an awesome compilation of information. I might just have to not use the weapons/wargear sections, though that’s a real shame.

            • Would you be able to take a screenshot and reply with it to show me? Sounds like your issue may be something I’ve not seen.

              • Marcus M

                Yeah, sure. I’ll be happy to try to help sort it out when I get back from NOVA next week.

                • I appreciate it and good luck at NOVA. I’m jealous.

      • Marcus M

        Did you ever get a chance to look at this issue?

        • Yes. This should be all set. Let me know if it’s not.

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  • Marcus M

    I signed up as a patron a couple weeks ago, and my account still doesn’t reflect that.

    • Thanks for pledging.

      I had sent you a message in Patreon about it. I need to know your username here, so I can get it setup here.

      • Marcus M

        Oh, ok. I had assumed the patreon link was somehow linked to your site to show my account. I sent you my username from here on Patreon. Thanks again for running an awesome free site!

        • That would make life easier for sure, linking between the two.

          No problem, and I should have things setup today.

  • CadianMunkey

    Thanks for this awesome toolset 🙂
    Just wondering if there is a way to enter weapons with different stat lines (ie grenade launchers that have frag & krak or krak grenades having a melee & ranged use)?

    • Thank you.

      Hmm. I don’t have a way to do that currently. I can see about working on something though.

      • CadianMunkey

        Look forward to it 🙂
        Thanks again!

  • Marcus M

    Is there any way you can do some work on the auto-formatting on this? As 40k becomes ever more complex with various formations, meta formations, and so on, it’s likely that we’ll run into lists that span more than 1 page with the current format. Just now, I put an apoc list together(rather long list), and it’s basically illegible. The auto-formatting put the font size at 2.5. Try putting your font to 2.5 and see what it looks like. 😉 *$5/month patron for a long time.

    • If you go to print & share options here: http://cmdctr.net/account/print-share-options/ can you tell me what your font size is set to? Does adjusting that have an impact on what you’re seeing? If not, can you take a screenshot of the big fonts so I can see it?

      • Marcus M

        It’s set to 8, but I was saving it as a PDF, then trying to print the PDF, so print & share options don’t effect the PDF formatting, I don’t think. I ended up just printing it using the print page option and it worked find. It would be cool if the PDF formatting allowed more than 1 page, though. I think that’s why it’s so small, is that it’s set to fit it all on 1 PDF page. I do see 1 option in there referring to PDF, so I’ll mess with it and see if I can get it to come out better later, but for this Apocalypse list(8000 points), I had to increase the PDF zoom by 800% for it to look like a normal PDF.

        • Odd. When I’ve saved them as PDFs it’s never been restricted to one page. The formatting should carry over to the PDF as well.

          What browser and operating system are you using? What were you using to view the PDF once saved?

          • Marcus M

            Using firefox and windows 7. Viewed the pdf using adobe.

            • Would you mind emailing me the PDF of the roster? Just email it to thor at cmdctr.net.

  • Marcus M

    PDF feature broke the day before Adepticon. GG.

    • It’s because of the PHP upgrade I did the other day. I’m working on fixing that now.

    • OK, the PDF feature is fixed.