Frequently Asked Questions

I’m building an FAQ (frequently asked questions), which is largely in progress. If you can’t find your answer here and you’d like to ask a question then head over to the feedback page.

Q: Where do I download Command Center?
A: There is no download. Command Center is an online army builder done right here at this site. Once you create an account you can begin creating your rosters. You will see ‘Roster’ in the top navigation bar once registered and logged in.

Q: How do I do X on the roster?
A: The roster help explains everything that can be done with a roster sheet. Other than the link just provided, you can always find it under the Roster menu, labeled Roster Help.

Q: How can I re-order my units, weapons and wargear?
A: Just click any grey area in the row and you can drag them up and down to re-order them however you want.