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  • Share URLs Fixed

    What a damn nightmare. I spent days working on trying to figure out why the share URLs were screwed up. I figured it was my code and I had done something stupid. Long story short, it turned out to be a problem with a plugin I had installed. That plugin was causing all the issues…

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  • Tutorial: Unit Autocompleter

    Now that I have this handy blog setup it’s time to get some tutorials going. I’m going to try to cover the more ‘advanced’ aspects of Command Center. I don’t feel there’s anything overly complicated with the program but definitely some stuff that could use some clarification and explanation. With that said, let’s dive in….

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  • Roster Sharing

    Is screwed up right now. Old roster URLs should be fine but any new rosters that are created and set to share will not generate a correct URL. I’ve had to turn off the functions for generating the URL because it was causing memory leaks. Once I figure it out, likely some time on Monday,…

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