Command Center: Warhammer 40K Army Builder

Command Center: Warhammer 40K Army BuilderCommand Center is a free mobile-friendly Warhammer 40K army builder. It allows you to easily and quickly build army rosters for Warhammer 40K. You can save presets to quickly add saved configurations for units with a single click. It’s really simple to use. Also, unlike other similar programs, Command Center is also a community.



Battle Tome
will allow you to keep track of every Warhammer 40K game you play. You can see how well you’ve done, and even let other people see your gaming record. Track your games over years and years, I have since 2006, just to see how you’ve done over time.


Shared 40K Army ListsYou can share your Warhammer 40K lists with Command Center, and your list will be given its own URL that you can give other people. Also, your list will show up in the Shared Lists area of the site for others to see and they can submit feedback to help you improve your list.

More About Command Center

I, Thor, originally built Command Center for myself to be able to easily save rosters and access them from anywhere. There’s no downloads, nothing to update, it’s all online. It has evolved since then to offer more features to make things easier but one tenet remains the same, Command Center is not a utility to build your rosters for you. If you want something that let’s your build a roster with virtually no knowledge of an army then you should check out Army Builder.

The idea behind Command Center, other than easily accessible rosters, is to get you to learn your army. You need to manually enter in units, their stats and costs, Command Center won’t do so for you. Think of it like a glorified spreadsheet with features aimed at roster building. There are time saving auto-complete features to quickly enter in units, weapons and wargear but they require you to have entered them previously and saved it in order to be accessible. Auto-complete will only ever use items you’ve saved on your rosters; there is no global library to choose from. Command Center will not save costs either and this is by design for two reasons. The first, again to get you to better learn your army. The second is to abide by Games Workshop’s laws regarding their intellectual property.

That’s about it. Command Center is an easy to use and intuitive army building tool. It’s not for everyone and was never meant to be. Currently it’s designed for Warhammer 40K but in the near future I plan to expand it to include other GW games.

Lastly, Command Center was built for Firefox v.3.x+ and works well in Safari 5.x+, Chrome and Internet Explorer 8.x+. It will not work correctly in any older version of Internet Explorer and I have no intentions of making it compatible with a five year old browser when a newer version is available. Older versions of Firefox and Safari will probably work just fine but I make no guarantees.

Legal Stuff

This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

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