1850 Tau Rogue Trader Tourney Test List by akuzatagachi

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Creator of Command Center and editor/author of Creative Twilight.

  • Based on what I have seen out of the Meta you seem light on troops. I like the idea of the ATS on the squad commanders for crisis suits for picking out characters and ICs. As for the Commander, although the idea of BS5 markerlights is tempting, since his drones aren’t equipped with Networked Markerlights then either he will be by himself and can be isolated while he gives markerlight support or if hes part of a unit his own unit cant use the Markerlights. Its a catch 22. I wish it wasn’t as it would be sweet. I would put your 2 Markerlight drones on the Pathfinder Shas’ui and drop the 2 devilfish. I would then do the following. Give the commander 2 shield drones and drop the controller, push your kroot squad up to 20, and add a 10 man bonded fire warrior team. What to do withthe 6 points left….. Onager gauntlet?