3rd Marines 8th Battalion Quick Reaction Unit by Alex Sanchez

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  • swiftspeed50 .

    You can’t have heavy or special weapons in a Tactical Squad, (For example a Plasma Cannon or a Meltagun), unless the squad numbers 10 models, it quite clearly states in the codex; IF the squad numbers ten models… I would recommend dropping one tactical squad and bringing another up to full strength, then giving them a lascannon and having Sicarius make them tank hunters, a strength 10 lascannon is just brutal.

    • TheSpaceMarine245

      Huh well I guess me and everyone at my neighboring games workshop had been playing them wrong.

      • TheSpaceMarine245

        Oh and tank hunters don’t increase strength.

        • swiftspeed50 .

          No of course not sorry, I’m thinking 5th edition, still, it’s a useful thing to have, re-rolling armour penetration.
          And yes, you do need 10 models, check your codex.

          • TheSpaceMarine245

            Yeah ok I will do that much thanks.