3rd Marines 8th Battalion by Alex Sanchez

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  • swiftspeed50 .

    Illegal army. Simple as. 2 HQ options max, you have Salamanders with Ultramarines, Land Raiders are Heavy Support choices, 6 Elite choices max (With force organisation upgrades from 2000 points) Marneus Calgar IS a Chapter Master, so that means he’s another chapter too. Even if this is Apocalypse list, you can’t have Salamanders with Ultramarines.

    • Reclusiarch Antoninus

      Actually you can have Salamanders with Ultramarines, it has been said that if they are from the same codex but use different Chapter Tactics, then they can ally. With double FOC and allies, this list does work, but he has failed to separate them into allied sections.

      But I think he is just listing everything he has maybe as a compendium.

      • swiftspeed50 .

        True, but if they are allies then which is which?

        • Reclusiarch Antoninus

          I think he just forgot to do the allied section when making the roster, oh well

          • swiftspeed50 .

            Aye, but Land Raiders are still Heavy Support Choices…

            • Reclusiarch Antoninus

              they are dedicated transports too, which don’t take up a FOC slot.

              • swiftspeed50 .

                Nope, they count as Heavy Support choices in MY codex, no idea what yours says, but I know what mine says,,,

                • You should see it listed with the Terminator entry that Land Raiders are a dedicated transport option for them.

                  • Lord Paladin Levi

                    yeah, SM Codex, page 172, 4 bullet points down under “Terminator Squad”.

                    • swiftspeed50 .

                      Yeah, I checked, fair enough then