48th Armoured Cadian by desert fox


Senior Officer

Bring it Down!: choose on enemy vehicle (or squadron of vehicles) or monstrous creature (or unit of monstrous creatures) visible to the officer. The ordered unit immediately shoots at the nominated target, counting their weapons as twin-linked.

Fire on my Target!: choose on enemy unit visible to the officer. The ordered unit immediately shoots at the nominated target. Successful cover saves taken against this shooting attack must be re-rolled.

Get Back in the Fight!: This order can only be issued to a unit that is falling back, or that has gone to ground. The ordered unit immediately regroups if falling back (even if it would not normally be able to do so due to casualties suffered, enemy proximity and so on…) or returns to normal (if it had gone to ground). As a result, the ordered squad may shoot and assault as normal this turn.

Junior Officer

First Rank, FIRE! Second Rank, FIRE!: The ordered unit immediately shoots at any visible target. If the enemy is up to 12" away, models firing lasguns fire three shots, rather than just two. If the unit did not move in its movement phase they fire two shots with their lasguns at an enemy up to 24" away, instead of just one

Incoming!: The ordered unit immediately goes to ground. The ordered unit receives 2+ to its cover save, rather than the normal bonus. Note that this means the squad will not be able to act normally until the end of the players following turn.

Move! Move! Move!: The ordered unit immediately runs, rolling three dice and using then highest result when determining how far they move.

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  • Dustin

    Lumbering Behemoth rule is gone in 6th edition- it’s a heavy tank now in the BRB. Have you considered changing the lascannons out for even more autocannons? With that many squads you may also consider taking Creed.