ACT TOURNEY LIST 2 by mitchos

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  • JRD

    Hmmm this is def stronger then the first list u posted. Have you thought about turning that assault cannon on squad 3 into a cyclone, then turn the plasma gun and cannon into melta/rocket combo and you can put a cyclone on squad 4.

    • Mitchos

      I have thought about squad 3 and 4, but as I am ultra poor and have run out of kit to bash for another 2 CML’s, I have to go with what I have. 🙁 Thanks for the feedback though, I may even just swap the PG/PC for a MG/ML combo. As I was originally going plasma fluff but now I might just do melta spam instead 🙂

      • Mitchos

        So I was able to kit bash my final trooper and now have changed the tac squad to a MG/ML combo and added another chainfist to the termies in squad 4.