Chaos Biker List by Khorne Inquisitor

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Chaos Biker List by Khorne Inquisitor
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  • I’m guessing Lord with Khorne Bikers, Sorcerer with Screamers along with the Herald? I like the concept but your troops are your weakness. Two squads of non-fearless Marines backed by T3 5++ Daemonettes. Of course you could powers to help survivability but still 3 troops at 1,750 is bare minimum and this is coming from someone who doesn’t fill out troops much himself 😛

    • khorneinquisitor

      Lord with bikers of Khorne, Sorcerer with Bikers of Slaanesh, and Herald with Screamers. True, lack of troops is a concern. May throw in some Plaguebearers. Also, lack of AA is a concern for me. I may opt to throw herald with much cheaper flamers and include a Grinder and some plaguebearers. May also have to trim some other fatty areas as well (Psykers at ML2, drop dual specialist weapons, etc).

      • Ah, I see. You have your Sorcerer named “Sorcerer or Tzeentch” but he actually has the mark of Slaanesh.

        My take on AA is this. If your comfortable being able to hammer an entire army with the exception of flyers then go for it and leave them with a flyer at the end of the game which is useless. It’s like a Land Raider, it’s annoying, hard to deal with but won’t win a game on its own. With your speed a flyer won’t be a huge concern as you’ll be on top of the enemy in no time and the flyer will have little to do.