Charity Game List. Redux by Tevank

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Creator of Command Center and editor/author of Creative Twilight.

  • Tevank

    This is a redone version of the 875 point 2v2 charity tourney that im going to in February.

  • swiftspeed50 .

    Don’t have blast weapons in the Sternguard, if they move (Which is the only way for them to remain effective for their points) then they can’t fire.

    • Tevank

      the problem, with that is i dont have Anti-tank fire power to bring for similer points cost, and end up having 30 odd pts left if i try taking somthing like my Storm talon or pred

      • swiftspeed50 .

        Have 4 5 man tac squads instead of 2 10 man ones and put a couple of lascannons, krak missiles, multimelta etc in there with the other couple having plasma guns or something to cap objectives, then put Tigurius in the Sternguard (Which also, BTW, shouldn’t have ANY heavy or special weapons as their boltguns carry special issue ammunition, meaning combi-weapons are best) and charge them forward, through cover of course, with your 2 objective capping tac squads behind them, you will probably lose some Sternguard but your tac squads will be at the objectives before the enemy can do anything as, most of the time, the enemy sees big scary models and thinks dangerous-shoot everything at it and forgets the little units sneaking up behind them. Alternatively you could remove those bikers and some of your upgrades from something in favour of your pred with lascannons all round and have that hide in some trees and snipe tanks, though a Vindicator would be better and much more cost-effective than a pred if you have one?
        P.S. Sorry it’s a bit long-winded once I get started it’s hard to stop 🙂

        • Tevank

          Don’t worry about rants, (I can find them useful at times:P). but as for your points, I do combat squad the two tactical’s to add more manoeuvrability. Although your point about the bikers and pred are valid, I just love my bikers to bits and every time I use them, they more than make their points back. And in the tournament having Tiggy sit with the sternguard and prescience them every turn can be quite a nasty combo.

          • swiftspeed50 .

            I know what you mean about biker, mine are the same, albeit much more expensive and better equipped as they are a command squad, but if you insist on having them then I recommend having 2 meltaguns in there instead of 1, for safety, then just zoom em behind a tank and meltagun it to death. Also, give your Sergeant a combi-melta, just in case. Also, if possible, give Sergeant a Power Fist too, they are VERY useful against tanks, and rather deadly to infantry too. As well as this, I’m assuming you’re using UM chapter tactics, use tactical doctrine when you fire your meltaguns so you can reroll 1s for that phase :).

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