CrimsonFists by Godflame

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  • swiftspeed50 .

    Okay, 2 things, 1, read the force organisation chart, and then tell me where it says you can have 3 HQ’s, not including command squads or honour guard, and 4 Elites, you can only have 2 HQ’s, not including command squads and honour guard and only 3 elites, drop one of each and spend the points on another tactical squad, a lot more use in 2000 points to have more scoring units(Yes, I do know Kantor makes Sternguard scoring units), or better still, get some proper fire support, it wouldn’t hurt to have a dakka pred or 2 wandering around, and 2, why give a devastator sergeant a power fist? They’re meant to stand back and shoot things, it’s a waste of points! Give it to a tactical squad sergeant is you MUST have a power fist, at least HE might actually use it! Oh, and while I think on, don’t have such a variety of weapons, I recommend all missiles, good against tanks with Krak and if you get charged by a horde just drop Frag missiles on them, and even against aircraft, flakk missiles are useful, missiles are a good all-round heavy weapon. Phew, I’m glad there’s no word limiter on this…

    P.S: NEVER call it a missile, always a rocket, because what’s the first 4 letters of missile?

  • Kyle Reichert

    agreed @swiftspeed50:disqus i would drop the librarian. you dont choose his powers you roll for them. and i would drop the legion of the damned. agreed on the devastator powerfist. drop it. use the points to get another lascannon. I would also get rid of the missile launcher in the scout squad. not worth it compared to a sniper rifle

  • swiftspeed50 .

    Actually, the librarian can be quite useful, if you use the powers in your codex you don’t roll for them, but yes, I agree, drop the librarian, in a list like that there’s no point, I mean, where would you put him? Also, I recommend giving your captain artificer or he’ll just be shot down before he reaches the enemy, 3+ saves are good, but weight of fire alone can bring him down.