Dark angels led ultramarine strike force by barsbarsbars

Dark angles hq and ultramarine trroups! wow… boy is that silly
Reorganise squad clutter into: a tactical squad with 5 dark angels bolter members. And an assault squad that uses foot sloggers instead of jump packers.
what do i do for the librarians powers?
will remove extra armour to make way for scout squad when i get it

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  • Epaminondas

    Go with the dark angels codex and divination

    • barry

      i guess ill save for that after i get a land raider. which kind do you recomend

  • TheRhino

    Cassius can’t take a jump pack.Tactical Sergeants can’t take locator beacons. Your assault squad are not Troops.

    • barry

      hmmm… ok i guess ill ask to bend the rules with that one or just feild him as a regular chaplain… and thx i didnt notice about the 2nd asssault squad

  • Epaminondas

    The kit for bog standard one; you can get the frames to make it a crusader and a redemmer later.

    A few magnets on the struts, and you can have them all. The LR or the LRC are the two most popular

    • barry

      found a non gw affiliated store which sold me a crusader for my termies for 62
      painting and magnetizing!!! was kinda thinking of getting the 20 dollar terminus ultra kit just for t=shits… because it look awesome 😀

  • barsbarsbars

    to round off to 2500 points i think i will take either: a techmarine with a servoharness,a scout squad with sniper rifles… or maybe rhino+ razorback.. ora scout bike squad with meltabombs or a predator.. but thats too expensive. i cant wait to see what happens when this force reaches 3k points :DDDDD

  • barsbarsbars

    im also considering adding a small detachment of tau… especialy to fill some of the dooties speehs mareens lack the ability to perform suggestions?

  • barsbarsbars

    like a 500 pt anti ermer affair