Death Korps of Krieg 17/68th Krieg Regiment by Dingo017

All WS/BS/S/T/W/I/A are based on the highest in the unit.

Num (Number) stands for unit number or designation. If two numbers are divided by a [-] or a [/] then that denotes a unit that is part of a greater whole (such as a battery or a platoon). On a related note, Co stands for Company. So "ACo" stands for Alpha Company. An addition of [/a] stands for a unit attachment. An attached unit is one that is not integral to Alpha Company but has been combined in order to improve the combat efficiency of the unit. An addition of [f] stands for a unit that has been forwarded to Alpha Company to fulfill a tactical shortcoming of the unit.

Note the color designation behind the Platoon Standards in parentheses. These show the color of the guide-on and for the collars of the correlated unit. This allows for commanders to identify at a glance the position and success (or failure) of their varied units in the field.

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