Disciples of Twilight: Standoff Final by Thor

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  • JustHippie

    You could even go a little more Khorne with Zerkers and drop a squad of plagues. That Lord is pretty choppy isn’t he? Probably want Zerkers in combat more so than Plagues, IDK.
    I read somewhere that CSM IC’s can’t join Daemon units, is that true? If so where is it?

    • I only have Zerks painted anyway.

      I know a marked IC can only join those of his mark but other than that I haven’t seen anything.

  • JustHippie

    Page 27 – Daemonic Rivalry.
    The second paragraph should be changed to: “Independent
    characters in this list cannot join units of Daemons belonging
    to a different Chaos God, units of Furies of Chaos, or any allied
    units. Equally, allied independent characters may never join
    units chosen from Codex: Chaos Daemons”.

    YUCK, just found this in the Daemons FAQ.