Ebony and Ivory(Grey Knights 2k) by parsifal

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  • parsifal

    basic strategy in a nutshell is to use Mordrak/Ghost Knights and the Dreadknights as an immediate threat/diversion while paladins and strike squads get into range and then clean house. troops can split into combat squads if needed for objectives.

  • swiftspeed50 .

    It’s a solid list but I’d recomend some anti-tank in tehre, I mean ranged not the nasty fists teh dreadknights have

  • kjhome9703

    I think it’s a cool list. Everything has the ability to deepstrike. With the Psycannons, you do have the ability to bust tanks, the question is getting into range.

    • swiftspeed50 .

      Exactly, I’m talking long ranged firepower, a psycannon may not be able to get into range against (For example) a Leman Russ, so you need long ranged firepower, I mean Lascannons