Eldar Corsair by Zack

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  • Matthew Smyth

    flicker fields are usless now as you get 5+ cover from jink if you move, and lets face it if youre not moving youre imobilised, best bet is to put the points from flicker field into night shields that way you control the fire fights

  • Matthew Smyth

    also after playing several games today, i found that one squad of 9 trueborn and sliscuss is one hell of a fire magnet, id suggest breaking them down into a 5 man unit and a 4 man unit and put them both in venoms, each with 2-3 shardcarbines and 2 splinter cannons, along with the venoms twin splinter cannon put out alot more shots aswell, and what is the plan or the wyches? is that a suicide squad? and what is the plan for the stormguardians?