Es-Adein draft 1(2000 points Eldar; newbie) by CyanCorsair

Unit layout:

Farseer + DA G1 + Wave Serpent, shielded by 2 Vypers (obscure, not squadron);
Farseer + DA G2 + Wave Serpent, shielded by 2 Vypers (obscure, not squadron);

Falcon 1 & Fire Prism 1 in a squadron; provide supporting fire for Serpents;
Falcon 2 & Fire Prism 2 in a squadron; provide supporting fire for Serpents;

Ranger groups 1 – 4 camp objectives/use cover to harass the enemy (elites, HQ);

The Falcons and Fire Prisms provide the Wave Serpents support at all times, including when they are not transporting the Dire Avengers. The 60" range on the Fire Prisms means they fire first in the line, whereas the 48" range on the Falcons' Pulse Lasers and EMLs mean they are there to provide mid-level support for the Fire Prism, and to optionally soak up any damage headed towards the Prism. The Vypers aim to replicate that for the Serpent while they have cargo, after which they will (if alive) aim to move to enemy weak spots to harass and distract.

Vypers will support Rangers if necessary.

The two Vehicle Groups will move along opposite sides of a force, if possible, to utilize a "pincer" strategy. The idea is to capitalize on the fast properties of the Eldar vehicles, and create a three-layered damage radius, so to speak, with Fire Prisms offering the outermost layer, Falcons midway and Serpents/Vypers the close-ranged. Finally, the Avengers will aim to tarpit enemies and provide close range fire support with their 18" weapons, while being aided by Farseers that are part of their team.

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  • Kyle Reichert

    Keep the Fire prisms back. they have a 60″ range no matter what and with three different firing styles it is adept at killing most anything. with the wave serpents i would leave them with twin linked shuriken cannon for shier weight of firing and for the bladestorm. Also you dont put rangers on objectives unless there is a good cover save attached with it. like in a building. I would drop a squad of them and give your vypers starcannons for that mobile AP2 weapon.

  • Hiroki Ogawa

    You may want to include some way to better deal with flyers. At 2000 pts your definitely going to see some. A unit with skyfire (eldar missile launcher with flak) would be recommended.

  • Kyle Reichert

    and the vypers can not take serpant shields. only the wave serpants can. a unit of three war walkers with missile launchers with flakk and scatter laser for the laser lock would help you out a lot