Gabriel’s Ultramarines Copy by Primarch

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  • Greyk

    looks like a good list but do you have any means to take down a flier efficiently, just asking because i am looking on getting Sm’s.

  • Primarch

    Hey Greyk, thanks. TBH I didn’t plan any type of anti-air units in my army at all. Hopefully since there armor value is generally 11 I could take them down with snipers or assault cannons (rending). As for your SM army, I think the only true effective way is taking the Aegis Defense lines or a flyer.

    Hopefully they bring in some anti-air ammunition for troop missile launchers šŸ™‚

    • thorn

      Just awaiting to see how many points flak missles are they are already in the rulebook just not revised yet

      • Primarch

        True, I’m guessing the flak option will be released with the future codex rather than a white dwarf. Which is a shame since the next codex is chaos.
        Thanks for heads up completely overlooked the flak missile choice.

        • Greyk

          or the faq might have that rule.