Gamma Wolves 5th Company by Chart1997

Special Rules:
And They Shall Know No Fear – Space Marines can re-group when ever, cannot be destroyed in a sweeping advance and re-grouping does not count as moving.

Combat Tactics – A non-fearless unit can choose to fail Morale tests.

Honour of the Chapter – Chaplain and squad are counting as fearless

Liturgies of Battle – When the Chaplain and squad assault they can re-roll to hit

Repair – Instead of Shooting, roll a D6, on a roll of 6, the immobile vehicle become mobile

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  • Michael Hannani

    It appears you have 3 HQ’s, sadly only a maximum of 2 HQ’s is allowed.

    Power swords is AP3 and don’t ignore armor entirely. 🙂

    Terminator is ISV 5+, not 4+.

    There is a minor error on your choices, with terminators. You are only allowed 1 special weapon choice, per 5 terminators. You have 3 special choices, so that’s 1 too many.

    Overall though. I can’t see how the cost of 10 terminators will ever prove themselves worthy of their investment, they run a great risk of being tarpitted and perhaps you should reconsider a method of dealing with flyers, as you have close to nothing to contest flyers.

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