Grey Knights 1000 Points Just Learning to Play by Vimple

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Creator of Command Center and editor/author of Creative Twilight.

  • Kevin

    Its 1000 points exactly, the terminators are there to try getting in close, while the dreads rip up the transports and light tanks. The 2 GKSS are there to add some fire support. I went more for some numbers than any 1 really strong unit. In all the terminator squad is 5 points more than the strike squads, not counting the points for the Inquisitor who will be attached to the terminators. I like the inquisitor as its a 6th terminator with a hammer in that squad, while being relatively cheap at 65 points compared to the other HQ options.


  • looks good to me! on the next points increase I would look at transport for the GKSS but apart from that
    looks shiny!

    keep up the good work!