Iron Hands – 2nd Company (1500 Points) by Oliver

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  • Gemini

    A VERY stout list with very high surivivability. Other than the d3 no psychic defense? Also are you sure your opponent will not be bringing flyers as you’re only hitting Flyers and Flying Monstrous Creatures on 6’s with the whole lot… You may also want to consider 2 Vindicators or 2 Predators but not one of each. Both of them work better together in pairs rather than one each.

    • Oliver

      This was actually a ‘casual’ list for a bunch of proxied games within the family – I was sharing it for a local friend, so I’m pleasantly surprised to receive feedback on it! ^_^ I’m introducing my brother to 7th Edition slowly (although I’m familiar with the rules), so Psykers and FMCs are forthcoming but not present at the time of writing. When FMCs start appearing more frequently (which is likely to happen soon, since my brother’s moved on from Space Marines to Tyranids), would you recommend swapping the Predator for a dedicated Skyfire unit or just something with sufficient dakka? Swapping the Captain for a Librarian seems feasible, but I’d need to familiarize myself more with the various Psychic Power tables before I make the switch.

      • Threllen

        In my experience, taking a single Psyker doesn’t work out very well for multiple reasons. Looking at a single ML2 Librarian:

        1) You only get 2 chances at powers. With only two shots at powers you really don’t get much of a chance at planning what spells you get. You can’t plan a strategy around certain abilities because you have no idea if you’re going to get them.
        2) You only get 2 dice + D6. If you roll low (1 or 2), then you’ve only got 3-4 dice. You should get one ability off, but if you have 2 spells you really want or if one of them is 2-3 warp charges, then you could end up not being able to get anything off because you don’t have the dice.
        3) Any opponent who brings a decent number of psykers (or if they’re just Grey Knights) will have a ton of dice to try to deny that single spell you get off. So the points you invest in the psychic phase may never pay off.
        That’s not to say you might not have good luck with a couple psykers (especially if you play casual games and know your opponent won’t bring any), but I’ve definitely had very little luck when I’m short on warp charge dice. I think 7th edition with the advent of the pooled dice system has really forced the psychic phase to be all or nothing. You want a lot of shots at generating powers you need and you want a lot of dice to get your core powers off each turn and use what’s left for less important powers.

        Unrelated, correct me if I’m wrong (I play CSM so I’m not super familiar with the loyalist codex) but isn’t the largest Land Raider 16 model capacity (or 8 terminators) but you have an 8 terminator squad plus the terminator captain which would be too much to all fit in the LR? Or is the Captain off doing his own thing?

        • Gemini

          The LR in question is the Godhammer variant or base model. This one only has a 10 capacity. It’s either there functioning as a ‘Heavy’ but purchased as a Dedicated Transport or you’re correct that the Crusader pattern should be brought to bear for the ability to transport 16 models. Neither will be able to carry ALL of the terminators, VERY nice catch!

      • Gemini

        If FMC’s are in your future I’d strongly suggest the Stalker or an Aegis Defense Line. The issue with the Aegis though is it needs someone to fire the gun as opposed to the Stalker that fires on its own. However the Aegis provides a very nice cover save in case that FMC gets agitated and comes at you and isn’t subject to ‘Explodes’ on the first penetrating hit… SO YES get the anti-flyer, Aegis, Devastators with Flakk or Hunter/Stalker (or even a flyer of your own) it’s up to you.

        • Threllen

          That Space Marine mini-flyer (not sure what it’s name is) is actually very handy. The one that looks like it’s basically just a cockpit. It’s cheap and it has a decent amount of dakka that isn’t super strong but should be strong enough to pen/glance another flyer or FMC a few times. It’s good at shooting light armor/MCs and has the advantage of being able to hit flyers well.