Mono slaanesh by JasparBB

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  • JustHippie

    Try a Herald of Slaanesh on Seeker with Greater Etherblade and Locus of Beguilement riding in a squad of 6 Fiends. They get to reroll hits(which they need) and she can challenge and kill who she wants to at S5 AP2. Torrent on Grinders are great for clearing out Tau gun lines with AP4 and their AV13 isn’t hurt by those S5 Fire warriors either.

    Also add characters to every unit so when the Warp storm screws over a random character there is less of a chance to lose an important piece.

    Rapturous standards are great on Daemonettes as well. Most enemies will need 5’s to hit them on average rolls of the -D3 WS.