My CSM Army by Scubasteve

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  • Scuba Stephen Morgan

    Im new so help me out if you have any pointers…im a noob šŸ˜›

  • TheSpaceMarine245

    That is a very expensive list (point wise) and you do jot have very many models I recommend another marine squad and then a squad of 3 nurgle oblits

    • Ok thnx..and another thing someone said was to run a powerfist on the beserker champion

      • TheSpaceMarine245

        Oh I didn’t catch that. Yes you should always run power weapons for sergeants, lords, champions etc

        • TheSpaceMarine245

          And if you can get a heavy weapon for the marines like a missle launcher, lascannon, something to give you that edge.

          • ok i re did a couple of things..i gotta go out and get a couple of things but this is what i have put together and ready to go

            • TheSpaceMarine245

              You know I tuibk you can only get 3 elites and a hellbrute is an elite

              • You’re right. Looks like 5 elites right now instead of 3.

                • TheSpaceMarine245

                  You got it alkost right now

  • I’d definitely look to getting more troops in the future. Only 2 x 10 man squads at 1,750 isn’t enough in my opinion. You could easily, even with this list, give your Lord Mark of Khorne and move those Berzerkers to troops. That gets you 3 scoring units and the mark benefits your Lord and even the unit he’s joining.

    • ok thnx
      learn something new šŸ˜›

    • Scuba Stephen Morgan

      do i have enough troops now ? lol

  • lyo741

    You need some more dakka brotha, invest in some havocs and maybe a defiler.

  • Scuba Stephen Morgan

    Updated list..got a few new things. Had a few battles with it and it works pretty well, any criticism?

    • TheSpaceMarine245

      Naw your good I would love to play this list.

  • swiftspeed50 .

    It’s 3 points over, drop 3 points, that’s about it really

  • Scuba Stephen Morgan

    going to have to pick up another heldrake. those things are pretty badass. and possibly replace the forgfiend with another defiler