Necrons vs. Tyranids by Noah

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  • TheSpaceMarine245

    Well, you have a nice list, but the sheer numbers will overrun you by turn 2. So the best you can do is roll well and hold your ranks. You have strong heavy supports so keep them moving and away from genestealers and carnifexs then you will be fine.

  • Scondoro

    Never played against ‘nids tbh, but I’d love to hear how this list holds up against them.

  • Chaoscron

    I played two games against him one with this list and another with 10 more warriors, and some destroyers instead of the C’tan. Both were very close games but I lost the first one with this list. The second one however worked better as destroyers are the key to destroying medium sized bugs. Ill post the new list I plan on using against him again sometime in the future.