SM 2000 List by skraus

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Creator of Command Center and editor/author of Creative Twilight.

  • Kyle Reichert

    unless darnath gives you two extra slots for a heavy support you will need to drop two of them. you have 2 vindicators+ a predator+ 2 landraiders.

  • swiftspeed50 .

    Drop a vindicator and a predator and take sternguard in a drop pod and put upgrades on everything, those terminators? Add 10 more, then split into combat squads, 1 deep striking 1 in land raider with Lysander, and for future reference, having a pred with lascannon and autocannon is pointless, choose dakka pred or lascannon pred, not both as it doesn’t have split fire (Power of the machine spirit) like land raiders do.

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