Sun’z Killaz: Speed Freek – 1,500 April Assault by Thor

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  • This is a list idea I’m thinking of running for a tournament next month. There’s comp involved but I won’t explain it, that would take forever since it’s pretty extensive. The short of it is you need to fill your force org pretty evenly, no taking 3 fast attack and 0 heavies for example.

    As you can see the list is Speed Freek. I wanted to keep the theme and so everything is a vehicle, in a vehicle or a blatant Speed Freek unit, IE: Warbikers. It also features a few non-typical units: Tankbustas (which I love), and the transport version of the Looted Wagon. These units help show I’m not power gaming, there are better options, and just aiming for fun. All of which will help me in comp. Also going to try a wreckin’ ball on a Trukk for amusement.

    I have a pretty large collection to pull the list from so changes are easy but again comp is a factor, as is theme, so changes need to fit that. 

  • Strategist

    Just as a thought, but I think you might want to drop the ram and plating from the Boomgun Wagon (it probably will want to be stationary most of the time to fire its weapon and neither upgrade really helps the Boomgun) as well as most of the ‘eavy armor, as one can get a similar save against shooting from cover (assuming the unit is outside of a Trukk) and the save probably won’t show up in close combat (either due to power weapons or the wound not being allocated ). 

    With the points saved from removing the armor and vehicle upgrades from the shooty wagon, you can add another Rokkit Wartrakk (so possibly two squadrons of 2x Wartrakks) or a squad of 10 Grots + Runtherd to watch a home base objective (not quite as fitting for theme though…).

    Anyway, hope this is useful!  

    • The problem is I can’t take another fast attack without taking a hit in comp. As mentioned, lengthy comp system and I know you’re evaluating blind on it. Basically all your slots need to be even to move on. In my case I’d need another elite so they’re all at 2, though I’d also need 5 troops, before I can push a 3rd into elite, FA or heavy. It’s tricky.

      I like the ram on the Boomwagon though for when you do ‘press that’ and find yourself plowing through terrain. Armor plates on that one, yeah, not so needed but I’m basically floating points I can’t do much of anything with.

      I admit, I like my ‘eavy armor. I often allocate wounds to the Nob and hope for the save. With a 4+ it works 50% of the time 😉

      I always like taking a small Grot squad too but the catch there is I’m trying to stick with the Speed Freek theme for comp, so everything is in a ride, a vehicle or obviously speed related, IE: Bikers.

      I appreciate the feedback. If this weren’t such a heavily comp’d event using such a rigorous system this would be much easier.

  • Strategist

    (Just as a clerification, by the ‘eavy armor I meant the ‘eavy armor on the Nob leaders and the Big Mek, not the ‘ard Boyz – sorry for any confusion!)

  • To work better with the comp system I removed the Boomwagon and put in a Battlewagon for the Shoota Boyz and Big Mek. It also let me beef up the Warbikers to 6.

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