Tau 1750 for September 2012 Version 2.0 by EvantheNoob

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  • trashman2145

    nice list i would also reccomend giving farseer mind war because its useful for getting rid of certian models in a quick turn

  • JustHippie

    Not very mobile but the shear firepower should make up for it. I’d place part of the Aegis up close to board center and late game troops can run for it to hold objectives.

  • EvantheNoob

    I am actually going to update this list with a devilfish for mobile cover and transporting options. Also probably going to beef up with another firewarrior squad and more Crisis suits in exchange for the war walkers.

  • I have to say I prefer this list over the previous. I agree with your change to forgo the flyer and instead shore up the rest of your army.

  • EvantheNoob

    The single APC has me a thinking about dropping that and just going for more firewarriors. that would mean 32 firewarriors and 15 kroot for 47 scoring models.

    • If you’re comfortable giving up that little mobility you have then go for it. Running a foot list is actually pretty good, may just take some practice.

    • JustHippie

      Foot list is good but all it will take is a durable melee unit to roll through them all. Depending on terrain someone can sneak up on a flank and it will be over. I’d keep the APC since it won’t be a target priority and hiding one transport is pretty easy(or 4+ cover behind the defense line). The Kroot will be tough to keep alive with new 5+ cover and focus fire. I think it is solid as long as you don’t face multiple flyers.