Wicked Vultures (renegade White Scars successors chapter – WIP) by Deal_With_It

A fluff list based on a chapter i imagined.

C&C are Welcome. This is VERY wip. 🙂

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  • It’s about what you expect from a bike list: lots of bikes!! I’m really interested on what your take on the Scout Biker squad is and how you use them.

    • Deal_With_It

      hi there ! 🙂

      The scout biker squad was meant to capture an objectif or two at the very end of the game, either as a whole unit or split in two. It was also quite cheap and coherent with the fluff of the army.

      Actually, if I shared this list with the community, that’s because i wanted to have opinions on if this list can beat a 1850pts necron army made of a lot of on foot warriors and lots of destroyers.

      Thanks for your reply 😀