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8th Edition Update – Phase 2 Complete


I was on a roll with programming, so I figured I’d just keep going. As a result, the second phase of the update for Command Center is complete.

Other than fixing a few bugs, and introducing a few more (Murphy’s Law), this update brings in the ability to add damage to units as needed. You’ll see the icon for Damage in the squad toolbar. This will add a line-item to let you specify remaining wounds, and the stats that are impacted. Just add as many as needed for a unit.

I believe this will cover any major updates needed for 8th.

Next week sometime I will work on doing some optimization. I’ve introduced a lot of new code that could use some refinement, which will speed things up a bit. I have also held off on the PHP update, which I will do around the same time, and that will also speed things up. Lastly, I will be adding SSL to the site. SSL secures the site, but it also has the benefit of speeding up the site as well. So, next week will be speed week I guess.

As always, let me know if you find any bugs, or if you have any suggestions.



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