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A New Feature in the Works: Battle Tome

I’ve begun working on adding in a feature that I’ve long debated putting in. The feature is a gaming record tracker that I’m going to dub Battle Tome (working title).

Since I began playing 40K six years ago I have tracked every single game I’ve played. I created a database to track them all in, since that’s what we nerds do, and a web page on my blog, Creative Twilight, to display it. You can see it here. Just ignore my terrible record as 6th edition has been kicking my ass. Anyway, I’ve had others over the years say how cool it is that I track that data but I also knew it would take some work to implement if I ever made it public. Where my game tracking was just imputed by me, I never created an interface for entering and managing the data. Now, work has begun to bring this feature here at Command Center for everyone to be able to utilize.

The basic run down of Battle Tome is that you can enter in each game you play. It tracks the edition of 40K played, the date, the army you used (and ally if applicable), enemy army (and ally if applicable), the type of game (normal game, tournament, team game, etc), and of course if you won, lost or drew. The data entry is pretty straight forward. My favorite part of it is the reporting. It will break down your games by your armies, the enemy armies, the particular enemy, etc. So, I can see how well I do with Chaos as a whole, how well Chaos does against a particular army, how well I do against particular opponents with Chaos, etc, etc, etc. The true meat of the program is in the reporting of the game data itself.

I can’t say when I’ll have Battle Tome ready. I’m carrying over as much of my previous code and structure as I can but there’s still some significant coding I need to do. It should be sooner than later however. With the implementation of Battle Tome there will be a change to Command Center as well. That change is that Battle Tome will be a paid add-on to Command Center. I’ve thought long and hard over having a paid subscription to Command Center. The problem I keep running into is that Command Center has been free for so long and I never created it with the intent of being a subscription service. I had ideas of ways to allow for it to be free and also have an upgraded version at a small cost but it’s a bit of a logistical, and coding, nightmare. If I’m going to have paid elements of Command Center then they need to new features built with that intent, value added features, and thus Battle Tome.

I have not fully decided on the cost for adding on Battle Tome. I can say that it will be pretty insignificant as I’m not out to get rich, just be able to cover the cost of hosting and my time in adding in the feature. My plan for payment is to use PayPal as I feel it’s pretty safe to assume most of us have an account. Plus, payments can be made through it using credit cards without being a member, so it’s pretty universal and honestly just makes my life easier.

So, what do you all think? Is this something you might be interested in or am I wasting my time here?



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