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Battle Tome: Beta 1.0.1 (Update)

I’ll keep this short and just list the updates to Battle Tome Beta.

* Under Roster->Print & Share Options you can choose whether or not to let other people view your Battle Tome. I’ll likely re-arrange the menus entirely soon.

* When viewing a user’s profile it will show a link to his/her Battle Tome if they have one and they have allowed it to be viewed. I’ll be adding some other ways to view your Battle Tome as well.

* Fixed a bug that was showing all opponent’s and all player armies instead of just that player’s.

* Just to explain something. When you land on Battle Tome to view your games, by default it will only list games from the current year. You can of course filter it to all years, or whatever year. I’ll likely be adding some options where you can determine what the default list of games is. If you’d rather show, for example, all your games in 6th edition instead of the current year; stuff like that.



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  • JustHippie

    This is SWEEEEET! Thanks Thor!

    • Now you just need to enter in the past few years of games!

  • ChaosCron

    This is wonderful! No I can keep track of how I am doing versus certain armies and such! A great add to an already very useful site.

    • Glad you like it!

  • ChaosCron