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Battle Tome: Beta 1.0.2

Most of these updates have been out for a week or more but I’m finally getting around to mentioning them.


* Game types are now organized in a more logical manner.

* Easier navigation for Battle Tome. You’ll see a breadcrumb at the top of Battle Tome pages when you’re working in it. I still have more to do but it’s better.

* Added a popup calendar for entering in the date the game was played.

* When viewing your Battle Tome games it will show an edit link next to each game if you’re logged in.

* You can enable or disable comments on your Battle Tome. You’ll find this under Roster->Print & Share Options. The default is to allow comments.

* Added quick access to Battle Tome on the left in your Account area if you’re logged in.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug where an empty/blank opponent would appear in the drop down.



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