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Battle Tome: Beta v1.0.5

Damn it’s been a while. I’m still here and I finally got some time to work on Battle Tome a bit more. Just a few small updates to mention. Nothing huge but all these small adjustments keep adding up!

* Under Roster->Print & Share Options you’ll now see ‘Show Game Notes on my Battle Tome Games View’. If you uncheck this then any notes you add to games you enter in Battle Tome will not show up when people view your game list. This was suggested by Jakobus Vestifex who decided to use the notes area for battle reports and notes, which is a great idea, however you don’t want that all puking on the screen in your game list.

* Player names when you enter games will now use an auto-completer. I use Battle Tome a ton and I got tired of typing in entire names 🙂



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