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Beta Site Design Launched (Update)

I won’t call this an official launch of the new site design but instead a beta. There’s a lot more I intend to do with the site when I have time but for now the basic theme is in place. Once I square away all the fine details then I will call it an official re-launch.

This new design is responsive. That means it scales and shifts to accommodate mobile devices. I will note that working on a roster with a phone won’t really work. I have some work to do on the roster side of things for that to happen. That being said, I can’t imagine many people are actually building rosters on their phone. I think most of us come here on a phone to get a print view of a roster or to save it as PDF. To that end, you will notice that the account area on the site now has buttons for both print view and saving as a PDF. Now you don’t have to load the roster to get that access.

I added a home page to the site, as you noticed getting here. I would love to grow Command Center even more and a proper landing page with information on what I do here is key to that.

Overall the new theme is very clean and simple. I will no doubt tweak this more and more but the general concept will remain. The site is about building your rosters, tracking your games and reviewing other people’s rosters so I want the site to be simple and focus on the reasons people come here.

As always, if something isn’t working correctly then please let me know. I’ve done testing and all the basic stuff is working well but I’m one person and can easily overlook something you may notice.


I believe I have fixed the remaining bugs that were lingering; at least all those I noticed. As mentioned, I still have a bit to do still and next week I will begin working on the finishing touches. Once that part is done then its’ on to phase #2 where I turn on page caching and speed things up again.



Creator of Command Center and editor/author of Creative Twilight.

  • What do people think of the links being a burnt orange color? I thought about going with a more teal color, it’s more subdued and less in your face, but at the same time I like the boldness of this color…

  • There’s a bug right now where comments are showing up on pages they shouldn’t be. I’m working on figuring out what’s going on with it.

    • Comment bug fixed.

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  • khorneinquisitor

    I liked the blue scale it was before better personally.

    • Nothing is set in stone yet. This stage was getting the theme up, colors are an easy change. I’m partial to the old colors too.