• Growing Pains: Server Upgrade

    I host multiple sites with my current webhost and right now I’m in a shared hosting environment. The upside is it’s cheap. The downside is it’s a shared environment and I only have so much room to grow before it’s time to upgrade. Well, it looks like it’s time to upgrade. You may have noticed…

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  • Site Update: Keep an Eye Out

    I have enabled a plugin for the site that previously caused issues with rosters not saving correctly. The plugin has been updated and in my testing everything seems to work normally now. If you notice anything buggy then please immediately let me know and I will disable the plugin.

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  • Happy New Year & Thanks

    This past year was the best year Command Center has had for users joining, lists being created and the community interacting on lists and the site. I just wanted to say a quick thanks for being a part of Command Center and here’s to a new year!

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  • Command Center: Roster Saving Bug Fixed

    Thanks to DaGruntOrc and Wbwalker88 for pointing out a roster bug. There was a bug that when saving a roster, print viewing it or likely even saving as a PDF, it was clearing out the roster and leaving it blank. I was able to track this bug down to a plugin I use on the…

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  • Site Updates in Progress

    Just a heads-up in case you notice things not working correctly. I’m working on optimizing my code, IE: speeding things up, and I may screw something up and create bugs as a result. So, if you see something not behaving right, throwing an error, whatever, then please leave me a comment here letting me know…

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  • Updates in Progress

    Over the next few days I’ll be applying some updates to Command Center and Battle Tome. Hopefully I don’t leave anything incomplete and non-functional between the times I get to program but bear in mind it may happen. You may also see features come up that don’t seem to do anything, again depending on what…

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  • Battle Tome: Beta 1.0.0

    I had mentioned earlier last month that I was working on a new feature for the site called Battle Tome. Battle Tome will be an addon for Command Center where you can log all your 40K games. Well, I have it ready for beta testing.

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