• Tinkering

    Still Tinkering – Updates and Improvements

    I realized I’ve done one of my infamous habits where I forget to post anything here. Well, I’m still here and alive 😉 Over the past few months I have been doing some behind the scenes work. There’s been a lot of improvements to the auto-completers. I have also changed how the weapon populate feature…

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  • 8th Phase 1

    Phase 1 Update is Complete (Hopefully!)

    I have (hopefully) completed the first phase of the update for 40K 8th edition. New ♦ You will now see a movement stat (M) for units, as well as a keywords field. ♦ At the top of a roster you will choose either points or power level to access the appropriate field on each unit….

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  • PHP

    PHP Update – Keep an Eye Out

    Just a quick note to say that I have updated the server, and in doing so I updated PHP. PHP is the language this site runs on, so if you notice any bugs or issues then please let me know ASAP.

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  • Update & New Features Soon

    A Small Update and a Larger One to Come

    I updated the roster to be more mobile-friendly. I realized the new site theme was messing with it a bit. So, it’s back to full width, letting you see everything again. I also made some other small changes to improve the layout. In the very near future I will be making an update to how…

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  • Print View

    Print View Fixes & Site Optimization

    Just a quick update today. I’ve made some changes to the print view to fix some problems it was having. If you encountered any oddities in formatting, those should hopefully be resolved now. I have also been working on speeding the site up. Other than assorted adjustments, I’ve removed a fair bit of overhead that…

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  • update

    Some Quick Updates

    Based on some feedback (thanks, Marcus), I’ve made a few small updates. Command Center: Text shows next to a button if you have a large enough resolution (screen size) on rosters. Before it was just the button, which was a bit confusing until you memorized them all. The text will disappear on smaller screens to…

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