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Command Center: Roster Saving Bug Fixed

Thanks to DaGruntOrc and Wbwalker88 for pointing out a roster bug. There was a bug that when saving a roster, print viewing it or likely even saving as a PDF, it was clearing out the roster and leaving it blank. I was able to track this bug down to a plugin I use on the site for tracking stats for Google Analytics. It was something that, if memory serves, I upgraded last week and that would be when this issue started.

So, for now I’ve disabled that plugin and setup my tracking code manually and that seems to have fixed the issue. Unfortunately I’m not 100% sure what happened to those rosters for those who experienced this issue. I’m not positive what the bug was doing, other than messing stuff up, but it seems the rosters themselves were deleted entirely 🙁 If anyone lost a roster and REALLY needs it back then I can see what I can do but I can’t make any guarantees sadly.



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