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Command Center: Update v2.5.0

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been working on this update. So, here’s the run down.


* Altered the way allied units are stored. You’ll notice an Ally checkbox now underneath units. If you’ve selected an allied army from the top dropdown then this checkbox tells Command Center that the unit being entered belongs to that allied army and not your primary army.

Prior to this Command Center would not know that an allied unit on a roster sheet was just that, an allied unit. So, when you were given suggestions from the autocompleter it could pull in allied units as a suggestion even when you had not selected one on that particular roster.

In short, I had a bug that needed fixing. This is a pretty big change on the data structure and how autocompleters work. If you previously created roster sheets that used allies then you’ll want to edit those rosters and check off the ally checkbox to keep your data properly separated.

* Removed the Point Value field and Ally dropdown from preset sheets as they aren’t needed there.

* I made some updates to the Roster Help page to link to the tutorials I’ve done and explain some of the newer features that were never put in there.



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