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Command Center Update: v3.0.1

I’ve done a few updates as a result of v3.0.0 and the new site.

Bug Fixes

*Fixed a bug where weapons and wargear would not populate from a unit’s wargear field when selected. Thanks to Moktor for noticing that.

*Fixed a bug where joining the site would not indicate that it was successful.


* I have revised sharing, submit for review and allow comments on rosters. There is now only one option, share. When you share a roster then it will show up in the Shared Lists area, renamed from Lists for Review. It will also always allow comments.

There’s a few reasons I did this, some of them technical, some of them not. The non-technical reasons I did this was to get more lists shown on the site. Hopefully the more lists that are shown the more engaged everyone becomes. Being able to share your lists publicly and get feedback by the community is something that really separates Command Center from the other more popular platforms, so I would like to see that really shine.

* Rosters that are shared will generate tags based on the army and ally. Tags show at the bottom of a list and clicking them will bring up other lists with the same tag. This way you could find all Space Marines lists if you wanted.

An unfortunate side effect of me getting that to work was that some rosters show up as recently updated when they shouldn’t. It only effected a handful of rosters that I was not able to fix. Those rosters are really old ones, which is ironic, but it’s just not worth the effort to square away a few old rosters.

*Some small overall code changes to Command Center to load dependencies only when needed and to work better with page caching.

Version 3.1.0 is right around the corner with some new features and updates. I just want to make sure I’ve cleared up any bugs as a result of all the updating lately before adding in new features.



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