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Command Center Has Been Updated for Mobile Friendliness


The update that has been months in the making is now live!

This latest version of Command Center is mobile friendly. It took a lot of work, but you can now work on your rosters on mobile devices. The big goal of this update was to allow you all to use your phones, tablets, etc., here. So, if you notice any issues please let me know.

With this update also comes a change to how you create your rosters. By and large it’s mostly the same, however units are now grouped into squads. This slight change will impact your old rosters and presets, so please check out this informative page about that.

I have also put together a basic tutorial on using the new version of Command Center, and you can check that tutorial out here. More tutorials will be coming for the new version soon, so please bear with me while I get those in place.

I really hope you all enjoy this update, and I will continue to make Command Center better as always.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you encounter any issues at all in this new version. You can comment here, use the contact page if you prefer, or the feedback page.



Creator of Command Center and editor/author of Creative Twilight.

  • Marcus M

    Is it possible for you to create a toggle for users to be able to use the classic version instead? I’ve been using this site for years from my actual computer, signed up as a patron, and now I can’t even figure out how to use it. Phone functionality is far less important to me than the original ease of use I experienced.

    • It’s possible but would take some work.

      Might I ask what you’re having an issue with? I’d love to help, and you may not be alone.

      • Marcus M

        Just lots of little things that I’m figuring out as I go along, but are annoying to use even after I figure them out. Like the fact that copied units no longer appear at the end of the category you’re working on, but at the end of the complete list, requiring lots of extra scrolling back and forth, and moving a unit can no longer be done with the entire border, but only with the symbol on the left side…it’s just overall more clunky, in my opinion, and has shifted away from universally easy to use, to cater a very specific millenial crowd, to which I don’t belong. Instead of things being clearly labeled with tooltips or the word for what they are, everything is phone symbols, which I’ve never learned the meaning of(I was out of school before they were invented). It just doesn’t work for me. There are plenty of army builder utilities with mobile functionality, and free ones. I used this because it was customizable and had the best interface for PC use INSTEAD of phone use. I’ve always used command center to print the nice-looking lists I took to tournaments to hand out to staff and opponents. To build a quick list on my phone, I just use battlescribe.

        • This is exactly the stuff I want to hear, and why I threw it out to beta for months. Unfortunately, nobody commented on the beta, so I had to assume A) people didn’t care or B) people liked it.

          Having this information will let me make adjustments. The thing about us programmers is we’re blind to our own creations, and it’s hard to see where the flaws are.

          Now, this morning I did add back in the text to the buttons. That text will disappear if the screen is small, like a phone, but for normal PC use it’s there.

          The copying thing I will have to figure out. I hadn’t even thought of it until you mentioned it. So, consider it something I will work on next.

          The dragging thing is tricky, but I will see what I can do. The reason, as you likely guessed, is for smaller screens. It gives an easy to grab handle on a phone where putting your finger in an open space isn’t possible to drag. I’m sure I can come up with something to accommodate both types of users.

          Speaking of, my intent is not to run out the PC crowd in favor of mobile devices. That being said, the reality is that I need Command Center to work on mobile platforms because it would be stupid of me to ignore that user base. Still, I want this to work just as well, or better, on a desktop as I do on a phone. So, please bear with me, and the more feedback I get the better I can make this.

          • Marcus M

            Sorry, I didn’t make many lists during the beta. I basically took the last 3-4 months or so off from playing 40k due to lots of traveling for work, so I didn’t notice the changes till I came back to check one of my lists.

            • No fault of your own. Few people take the minute to leave a comment in general, so having someone who does take the time really helps me out.