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Update: v2.2.2

I had asked for some feedback on features you’d all like to see and Nick responded with a suggestion. So, this update is mostly putting his suggestion in place and addressing a few other things.

New Features

* In the Print & Share Options, under the Roster menu, there are a few new options.

* Orient Weapons/Wargear/Notes – You can now choose whether weapons, wargear and notes appears to the right of your roster or below it in print view and PDF.

* Print Roster Separate – You can now choose to have the roster print on a separate page from the weapons, wargear and notes. This goes for both printing and PDF.


* The print view and PDF generation should be more reliable. I had some lousy code in my layout that I’ve removed. I also fixed some width issues that will give a cleaner layout.

* Selecting a unit from the autocompleter will now only replace fields if it has a value for it. Prior if you had typed say 5 in the num field and then moved to the unit field and selected a unit from the autocompleter it would turn the 5 to a 0. It will no longer do that unless you’re selecting a preset.

Bug Fixes

* Populating weapons and wargear will now populate alphabetically.



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