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Command Center: v2.6.0 & Battle Tome: Beta v1.0.6

The previously mentioned updates are complete. This update addresses allies and some items I’ve wanted to work on for a while but didn’t have the time to do. I’ll be doing some more work on Battle Tome soon to finally polish that off and move it to v1.0.0 and out of beta. Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve done lately.

Command Center & Battle Tome

* Database optimization to speed things up.

Command Center

* When you add in a unit that’s an ally from an auto-completer then the Ally check box will automatically check itself; no need to manually check it off for each unit now.

* When a unit is copied and it’s checked off as an ally then the copied unit will also be checked as an ally. Previously it would disregard the ally check box when copied.

* When you get suggestions for items it will take into account if the unit is an ally or not. If you have the ally check box for a unit checked then the system will only give you suggestions for that army, or items not flagged to an army. Likewise, if ally is not checked on a unit then you will only get suggestions for the primary army, or again items not flagged to any particular army.

This is different from previous results as before it would offer you suggestions for a unit from either the primary army or the allied army, it did not distinguish. More explained below.

* Weapons and Wargear now have an Ally check box. This is used, like units, to differentiate weapons and wargear that belong to the main army and what belongs to the allied army. The purpose is so that when you get auto-completer suggestions that you’re getting them correctly, from the right army.

With this there’s some legacy stuff to deal with. Prior, I did not track in the same way as now what weapons and wargear belonged to what army. As a result you may get some odd suggestions at times going forward until your previous rosters are updated (just load them and hit update), so that the weapons and wargear are flagged to the correct army.

NOTE: You will always get suggestions for weapons and wargear that has not been assigned to an army. For example, if you created a roster and did not select an army at the top then those items will come to you as suggestions in the auto-completer for any roster you create. This is the cause of the odd suggestions previously noted, those items are not assigned. It’s also an intentional feature to let you create items that span all armies.



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