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Command Center: v2.7.0

Another round of updates for Command Center and a new feature. Details below.

New Features
* You can now label your units without messing with the auto-completer. Let me explain. Prior, let’s say you added unit and named it something like Squad Alpha Space Marines. You also had a unit just named Space Marines but the stats on the unit were identical, you just wanted to show a name for the squad on the roster. In this case when you added another unit and typed in “Space Marines” you would be presented two options in the auto-completer, one for “Squad Alpha Space Marines” and one for “Space Marines” because the auto-completer looks for distinct unit names as well as stats. The stats are the same but they have different names so you get two choices.

That situation is not ideal if you like naming your units because then you get a slew of suggestions where the only difference is the name; it’s unnecessary. So, what I’ve done is set up a method of naming your squads without them populating the auto-completer unnecessarily. If you enter a unit like this “Squad Alpha: Space Marines” then when the auto-completer looks for matches it will drop the text up to and including the : and return “Space Marines”. Doing it this way means you don’t get duplicates where you shouldn’t. Using the same example you will get one suggestion for “Space Marines” because the name is now the same and the stats are the same.

Hopefully that’s not too confusing but I have a thing for explaining the hell out of stuff 🙂 If you take anything away from that, or want the abridged version, then know you can add units with a label/designation/etc by following this: “Label: Unit Name” and know it won’t give you duplicate suggestions.

* Entering in review notes on your roster will now show at the top of your lists page, if you have it shared or set for review, instead of in a small box below the roster. The notes will now stand out more and be easier to read. Remember, the idea with these review notes is for you to use them when submitting a list for review so you can initially explain your list. You don’t have to use them but it helps those reviewing your list understand your intention with it.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed a bug with suggestions not showing up on preset sheets as a result of my updates in 2.6.1.



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