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Command Center: v3.1.0 – More Bug Fixes

Another round of updates for Command Center.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug where formatting was off in PDFs that were saved.
* Fixed a bug where background colors were not showing in print view.
* Fixed a bug where the auto-completer was not working in the weapons section. Thanks to Wade for pointing that one out.


* Lots of code optimizations to speed things up and reduce overhead.
* Updated jQuery to the latest version. jQuery is the JavaScript library I use to power the cool features of Command Center.

Originally I was hoping to introduce new features in this version but I’m still playing catch-up with bugs from v3.0.0 and the site update. Now that I finally (I hope), have that squared away I can focus on some new features.



Creator of Command Center and editor/author of Creative Twilight.

  • sedobren

    writing in the Weapons/Wargear/Notes section, crash the page now

    • What do you mean it crashes the page? I tested it out just now and it’s working correctly for me on Chrome. What browser and version are you using so I can try and replicate the problem?

      • sedobren

        Ok, i use chrome (just updated) and when i try to write in that section (ONLY into that one, not in the others as unit’s characteristics or prices) the web page stop working (it freezes completely)

        • Very strange. Is this Chrome on Mac or Windows?

          Is this an existing roster you have or a new one? If it’s an existing one then try creating a new one and tell me if it happens there. If it’s a new roster then try updating an existing one and see if it happens.

          • sedobren

            well it happens both on older rosters i have and new ones. Btw i use chrome on windows. That’s really weird because the other boxes works just fine (in fact i’ve just finished my new roster, only with no options written)

            • Give it a shot now. I did find a bug in my code that I just fixed. You might need to clear the roster page from cache to be sure (hold shift and press reload/refresh).

              • dedobren

                Yep, seems to work now! thanks for the help (and for this site, really).

                • Awesome. Glad it’s fixed now!