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Command Center v3.2.0


I have finally gotten around to updating Command Center with regards to Warhammer 40K 7th edition, plus some other stuff in general. I’ll have more updates in the near future but for now here’s what I’ve done.


* Added a Force Organization slot for Lord of War.
* Added a Force Organization slot for Formations.
* Added a Force Organization slot for units that do not use FoC slots.


* Rosters no longer track the army it’s for or the ally. This means that auto-completers will offer suggestions from all of your army rosters since suggestionscan’t be tied to an army.

This was a necessary change on my part to work Command Center into 7th edition. Armies are now all over the place in terms of structure and rewriting a lot of code to accommodate 7th edition and then have to change it again later (you know it will happen at some point), just didn’t appeal to me. I took the easy way out but also the method that can better handle what comes next.If you want to separate out your allied units, detachments, etc., then I suggest you use a divider and then name that divider Chaos Daemons Ally, or what-have-you, it’s how I do it.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug with auto-completers, and likely other features like that, which were not always working because of an issue with caching (hopefully).



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