Frequently Asked Questions

I’m building an FAQ (frequently asked questions), which is largely in progress. If you can’t find your answer here and you’d like to ask a question then head over to the feedback page.

Q: Where do I download Command Center?
A: There is no download. Command Center is an online army builder done right here at this site. Once you create an account you can begin creating your rosters.

Q: Why is it not telling me the stats and cost for each unit?
Command Center is not like other army builders that tell you everything you need to know. Instead, Command Center is more of a sandbox where you can enter information any way you like. It’s like a spreadsheet.

However, you can utilize preset sheets to quickly and easily add in units for roster building. You can find more information on preset sheets here.

Q: How do I do X on the roster?
A: On the roster sheet, or preset sheet, you’ll notice help icons. These will help explain the various icons and abilities on roster creation. If you need further help then there’s a set of tutorial articles that will aid you.

Q: How can I reorder my units, weapons and wargear?
A: On the left of each line-item you’ll see a drag bar. It looks like 3 horizontal lines. Click on that and you can drag around squads, units, weapons, and wargear.