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List Comments Migration

I’ve changed how comments are done in lists. In the old site I had to manually insert Disqus but with WordPress the comments can be loaded automatically. As one of the last, maybe the, migrations from the old Command Center site to the new one, the comments on lists are being migrated this morning. It appears so far that everything is working as intended but there may be some lists that show no comments when they do have some. Those should fix themselves later automatically or worst case scenario they will fix themselves when a new comment it made on that list.



Creator of Command Center and editor/author of Creative Twilight.

  • Looks like things are still migrating. It should be finished tomorrow and then I’ll have one last thing to do and all should be well.

  • All comments should now be migrated for lists. If your list had comments previously but none are showing up now then let me know which list.