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Mobile Friendly Command Center Update


I’ve finally begun work on making Command Center mobile friendly. The framework is going into place, and a prototype is underway. I would show you the prototype now, but it’s very crude at this point.

I’m still hammering through a few concepts as well, and haven’t fully decided which route I want to go. The trick is to make something that looks good on both mobile devices and desktops. I don’t have the time to create a mobile specific version, wish I did, so we’ll see what I finally decide on.

I also plan to release a beta version in the next few weeks, if things go well. The beta version will be released to the Patrons of the site who pledge $5 or more a month. Once the beta is nearing completion, I’ll push it out to those who subscribe to the newsletter, so I can get even more feedback and testing.

More updates soon!



Creator of Command Center and editor/author of Creative Twilight.

  • If you need a tester on Kindle, let me know.

    • It must work pretty well as-is on the Kindle, no? Maybe on the small end, but it doesn’t get cut off or anything?

      • It word wraps the fields. So the column headers don’t match up with the content. The Total Value field is also completely missing. If I remember, I’ll bring my kindle with me on Saturday so you can see it in action.

        • Gotcha.

          I’m not worried about it. What I’m working on now will address any issues like that, and should be consistent across all devices: PC, phone, tablet, whatever.

          • Kindle isn’t really worth losing sleep over anyhow, as its a completely non printable device.